When God Speaks through His Creation

Have you ever had moments when God speaks through His creation directly to you? I have always read others’ stories of God repeatedly reminding them of some aspect of Himself with a bird, or the mountains, or some other part of His beautiful creation. And at times God has spoken to me through the ocean waves or a sunset. But never has He spoken as clearly or as sweetly as He spoke to me the other night. When God speaks through His creation, it is powerful.

God Speaks Through His Creation

Psalm 19:1 declares,

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

I have read that verse many times before like I’m sure most of you have. And yet, it truly came to life the other night as I sat quietly on our deck, alone late at night. Big DipperMy heart was greatly burdened and I felt heavy-laden with concern. I had that feeling of being punched in the gut with news I had just received about a loved one.

As I sat enjoying the warm summer night’s gentle breeze, I looked up and saw the stars. I immediately felt the bigness of God all around me like a comforting blanket. The wide expanse of the heavens above somehow made my earthly problems fade away.

I was caught up in His beauty…in His handiwork…in His glory.

As my thoughts were transported from my concerns to His glory, my gut wrenching feelings subsided.

He is still sovereign and in control. He is a big God who can handle all of my cares and concerns.

And Then…Something Stood Out Brighter than Before

As I gazed upward, I noticed the big dipper directly overhead. It stood out to me like never before. I noticed how it leans down, almost inviting us to fill it up. It was like God was whispering to my soul that I could pour all of my cares and concerns into that big dipper and give them to Him.

I sat there and silently gave to Him all that I was carrying in my heart. I could almost see my problems arching into the big dipper. And as they fell to the bottom, they were so small.

No matter how much I gave to God, there was always more room. Much more room.

In the middle of releasing my cares to Him, I saw a shooting star fall through the big dipper. The God who holds the universe blessed me with a shooting star as I sat there pouring my heart out before Him. He is so sweet, isn’t He? He is a big God, and yet, so intimate too.

So now I will never look upon the big dipper as before. It beckons us to pour out our concerns to let God carry them. 1 Peter 5:7 invites us to humbly,

“Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you.”

That night the heavens spoke to me what this simple verse lovingly declares. And this verse that my kids and I had memorized earlier this summer, came to life. He gave me peace as I cast my cares on Him.

I am thankful that I have a loving and big God who carries my burdens and cares for my soul.

Let His Creation Speak to You

So, what burdens are you carrying? Are you overwhelmed with planning for the school year ahead? Are there heart issues of your little ones that concern you deeply? Is there a strained relationship you are in? I encourage you, whatever you are facing, to step outside in the evening and let the heavens declare His glory to you. Give Him your cares, worries, and concerns.

And then, do it all over again. Because if you are anything like me, you will take them back without even realizing it.

His cup is big enough…His essence is love…His care is great.

Do you have a story to share of a time God spoke to you through His creation? I would love to hear it! Leave a comment below so we all can be encouraged.


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  • Reply JJ at

    I love your story. Just last night I was siting under the stars and saw 3 shooting stars! I couldn’t believe I saw 3! I felt like God was reminding me of how big he is. A shooting star is nothing for him!

    • Reply Katie at

      Yes, I love it! God IS so big and He loves you so much!

  • Reply me at

    Because you seek Him, he’s so pleased to show off just for you!

    One night at Hollister Ranch, where there’s not one light on earth, the sky was so big and bright with stars, it was too overwhelming to look. Never in my life had I seen a night sky display like that. I could only peek at it and felt the need to take cover inside. I see it still in my vivid memory. As if I was inside a telescope looking up. God was big that night beyond all I had ever pictured.

    • Reply Katie at

      I love how His creation is such a reminder to us of who He is!

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