Valentine’s Day Art for Kids – Making Fun and Meaningful Memories

Valentine's Day Art for Kids

Looking for some new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Tired of the same old crafts and conversation heart candies? Take heart. Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be done in a meaningful way with your family to make it fun and memorable for all. Here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day art for kids, plus traditions to spark deeper love in your home. Incorporate these into your home(school) as you teach your children to practice the habit of loving.

Valentine’s Day Art for Kids

Biblical Love Mobile

This craft is a great way to start your kids thinking biblically about love. Read through 1 Corinthians 13 and discuss God’s view on love, and perhaps it’s drastic difference from our human view. Is love an emotion or an action? According to these verses, how is love displayed? What are some practical ways you can show love to each other, even when you don’t feel like it? Have your kids make a list!

Cut out one large heart and six to ten smaller hearts from construction paper. On the large heart write “LOVE is…” On each of the other smaller hearts, write one attribute of love from 1 Corinthians 13. Hole punch each heart and hang them with a string as a mobile. Your kids will love hanging their finished products in their room. And it will be a continual reminder of how to love!

Valentine's Day art for kids - Heart shaped love mobileValentine's Day art for ids - Biblical Love Mobile

Valentine String Heart Cards

These homemade cards from Hello Wonderful turn out beautifully and are a great gift to send to grandparents. They use fine motor skills and create a fun activity your kids are sure to love. All you need is :

  • cardstock, cut in half
  • yarn (or embroidery floss)
  • a thick, kid-friendly sewing needle
  • pencil with eraser
  • scissors
  • large heart-shaped cookie cutter


  1. Trace your cookie cutter lightly with pencil onto the center of your cardstock.
  2. Poke holes along the line you just traced, about 1/2 inch apart.
  3. Erase your pencil marks.
  4. Thread the yarn or floss through the holes in various directions (adult supervision recommended).
  5. Cut and tie the yarn in the back when finished, and voila!

When your kids are finished, have them write a little note and send it off to grandparents – they will probably want to make multiple and keep one for themselves too!

Valentine's Day art for kids - String Heart Cards Pink Paper

Valentine's Day art for kids - String Heart Cards Brown Paper

Valentine’s Day Heart Fingerprint Tree

No matter how old my kids get, art with their fingerprints or handprints always touches my heart. This craft from Easy Peasy and Fun is easy, quick, and makes a beautiful keepsake or Valentine’s Day card. Be sure to have your child sign and date their card for memory sake!


  • 2 pieces of white paper
  • brown or black marker
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ink pad – red, pink, and purple (or finger paint)


  1. To make a heart stencil, fold a piece of paper in half, draw half a heart on one side.
  2. Cut along the line you made to make a heart cutout.
  3. Place the heart stencil you just made on top of the other sheet of paper towards the top. You may need to tape the stencil to the bottom piece of paper.
  4. Use your marker to draw a tree trunk and branches in the center of the heart shape.
  5. Dab your finger into the ink pads and then onto your tree to form leaves. Remind your kids to wipe their finger clean before changing ink colors.
  6. Continue to dab fingerprints until your tree is filled with “leaves.”
  7. Remove the top sheet of paper with the heart cutout.
  8. Finish drawing the rest of the tree trunk if needed.

Valentine's Day art for kids - finger print heart treeValentine's Day Art for Kids - Finger Print tree


Valentine’s Traditions

On top of fun art projects, we have done a tradition the last couple years where I put a picture of each family member on a large heart-shaped piece of construction paper. Around the picture I write things that I love about each person (their smile, words of encouragement, laugh, hard work, etc.) and hang them on the wall. On Valentine’s Day, during a meal, we share character qualities that we love about each other. This is a great way to promote family unity, appreciation, and love, as well as encourage one another in the gifts and attributes we have. It is a time when we can really be thankful for our differences and see how beautifully God has made each one of us!

A Matter of the Heart

Additionally, let this holiday remind you to pray for your children’s hearts. There are so many areas to pray over. Here are a few ideas:

  • that God will soften their hearts and draw them to Himself
  • that your kids will know His love and share it with others
  • that they will grow to be a woman or man after God’s own heart
  • that their hearts will be broken for what breaks God’s heart
  • that they will develop hearts of compassion

I hope your family enjoys these Valentine’s Day crafts and activities just as much as we did. It’s just another way to make the holidays reflect our love for the Lord and His magnanimous grace towards us.

Take heart,

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  • Reply Heather at

    When my kids were littles, we loved doing crafts like this. Thanks for sharing your ideas with other moms. Praying many wonderful memories are made.

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Heather, thank you – I too pray for special memories to be made this Valentine’s Day! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Kristi at

    Oh I love the fingerprint trees! That’s such a cute idea!

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Kristi, I’m glad you liked the ideas! I thought they were fun and meaningful to pass along. Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Mary at

    Great ideas! I was homeschooled and I did find that getting creative was more difficult being limited for ideas. These are good!

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Mary, I’m glad you liked these ideas! I totally understand your experience. My goal is to help provide some creative ideas for homeschoolers (and sometimes all families too!) because time is limited and we all want fun, creative, and meaningful ways to bring education to life! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Heather Margiottal at

    I love that it is meaningful and not just something that will get thrown away after it’s done. Doing the fruit of the spirit and talking to your child about each character is a great visual learning tool. I am going to do this with my kids!

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Heather, yes, I really try to find ideas that are meaningful and not just something that will get tossed…yet, that kids will have fun doing too. That’s what makes learning memorable. I’m glad you are going to do it with your kids! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Katie Braswell at

    Oh. My. Goodness. Great ideas! Super easy and not a lot of mess! 🙂 I know two little boys that would love doing these Valentine’s Day projects! Thanks for sharing! <3

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Katie, yes, I’m totally into easy and not a lot of mess, but fun! 🙂 I hope your boys enjoy doing these projects! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Julie at

    What cute crafts you’ve posted! I really like the heart mobile. My 4-year-old would like to make one!

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Julie, I’m glad you liked these crafts! Yes, these are great for all ages, young and old alike 🙂 Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Susan Evans at

    What cute activities! I love all three, but especially the string art.

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Susan, I’m glad you enjoyed these ideas. Let me know if you make the string art! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply AliceMills at

    These are so cute! I love the crafts you have come up with.

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Alice, I’m glad you liked these craft ideas – not all of them are mine, but I love passing along great ideas when I see them! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Taylor at

    These are such fun crafts to make, even without kids! Thanks so much for sharing these tips.

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Taylor, yes, these crafts are fun for adults too! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Keisha at

    How adorable! I can not wait to try these wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi Keisha, glad you liked it! Let me know how they turn out! Blessings, Katie

  • Reply Melissa at

    Oh! I love the finger print heart tree! Such an adorable idea. Thank you for sharing.

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi, Melissa, glad you enjoyed it! the fingerprint tree is a super fun craft and a memorable keepsake. Blessings, Katie

  • Reply JJ at

    The Biblical love Mobile is such a cute and fun way to teach kids about God’s love. Also I love the fingerprint tree. Fun ideas! Love them all :)!

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi JJ, I’m glad you enjoyed these ideas.Yes, the biblical love mobile is definitely a great teaching tool that is fun and meaningful! Blessings, Katie

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