Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, a Review

Teach your Child to Read Review

Teaching reading can feel intimidating. After all, you want your kids to love reading and be solid readers. Yet as a busy mom, you fear that teaching your children to read will take a lot of time, planning, preparation, and…patience. So finding a reading program that fits your needs is important. Yet it can feel mind-boggling amidst the myriad of options. If you are looking for one that is straight-forward, easy to use, and stress-free, I highly suggest Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. The authors take the guesswork out of teaching children to read with time-tested materials that prove to be enjoyable, easy, and thorough.

The Benefits of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

  • a history of success, being used by 100,000s of teachers over many decades
  • simple, scripted lessons
  • a comprehensive approach including phonics, reading comprehension, and writing help
  • easy to finish in about 15 minutes a day
  • enjoyable for students
  • almost no preparation needed – great for the novice or busy teacher
  • inexpensive

The Breakdown of the Program

The program is broken into 100 lessons, each with 8-10 tasks within them. These tasks include:

  • teaching sounds
  • saying sounds
  • reviewing sounds
  • writing sounds
  • rhyming
  • word and sentence reading
  • picture/reading comprehension

Phonics Provide a Firm Foundation

The lessons start out very simple with learning sounds (phonics) which build the framework necessary for reading. When children master phonics, they are set up to read any word with fluency. Research shows,

“that systematic phonics instruction produces significant benefits for students in kindergarten through 6th grade and for children having difficulty learning to read.” (from the National Reading Panel)

Teach Your Child to Read offers slow but steady progress. Beginning slowly builds your child’s confidence in her ability to read and allows her to celebrate little successes. By the 14th lesson your child will be reading this:


And by the 100th lesson your child will be reading this:Teach-your-child-to-read-100-lessons

As you can see, there is quite the progress made throughout the Teach Your Child to Read program! This curriculum really does set your child up for great success in reading. One of the best parts of the program is how it uses phonics in an enjoyable and confidence boosting manner.

Works for All Types of Learners…Making it Cost Effective

This reading program works well for both boys and girls with a variety of learning styles, including those who have had difficulty reading with other programs. It connects with all senses by using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic approaches to teaching.

Because the program is multi-sensory, it keeps kids focused throughout each lesson. Their full engagement:

  • cuts boredom
  • increases retention, and
  • fosters a love of reading

And, even if your children have different learning styles or learning disabilities, they will all be able to use it successfully. You won’t have to purchase other reading curriculums to meet their various needs, saving you money!

Offers Simple and Easy Instructions

Teach Your Child to Read really does take the guesswork out of teaching reading. It’s very user-friendly, stress-free, and easily enables you to teach your kids to read with solid comprehension.

Each lesson includes clear, step by step instructions. You will have to do very little preparation other than looking ahead to see what the next lesson includes. I do also recommend reading the teacher instructions at the beginning of the book to set you up well for the entire program.

Each day you follow the time-tested script to ensure you don’t miss any vital aspects of reading. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to!

Again, no lesson takes more than 15 minutes, so that your kids (and you!) never get too frustrated or bored. And, you won’t feel like you had to spend all day on reading!

Additional Information and Insights

If your children are already writing their letters, they can still benefit from this curriculum. The program allows them further practice in writing letters correctly. Young children can never have enough writing practice!

The first time I went through the program I followed all the instructions to a “T.” This was helpful as it gave me a better understanding of the program in its entirety. After having done it once, I was then able to condense some of it the second time. So once you know the direction of the whole program, you will be able to make a few shortcuts as you continue to teach it.

If you are someone who does not like a step-by-step method or anything that is scripted, if that feels too robotic, then this curriculum is probably not for you. Additionally, if you would prefer to teach your child cursive first, then you may want to change the printing component to cursive writing, as this program teaches printing.

Unsure if your child is ready to learn to read? Click here to find helpful ideas and strategies to decide when and how to teach reading that will allow for better success!

I hope this review is helpful as you navigate reading curricula. Leave a comment below and share your story about this reading curriculum. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Reply Nikki at

    We are just finishing up this program and I have found it very helpful. My almost 6 year old feels confident and has a good foundation of phonics as he moves being a more fluent emergent reader. I will say, thankfully, that this book is used in many schools, especially ones getting federal funding because it’s research based. I personally used it while teaching in a public school classroom. Phonics is making a come back!

    • Reply Katie at

      Yay, I’m so glad you too have loved it! Phonics are so helpful in building a strong foundation for both reading and spelling. Enjoy your emergent reader!

  • Reply Jody at

    This way of teaching sounds great to me. To bad the schools don’t use it. It’s so nice to see a parent so involved in teaching their child. It is so sad to see the number of children who struggle even in high school because they can’t read. I also love your site and how it is set up. Keep up the good work.

    • Reply Katie at

      Thank you Jody! This book could also be used for families in the public school whose kids are struggling reading. A mom or dad could easily do it with their kid in the evening for 15 minutes to enhance and underscore what is being taught in school.

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