Staying Connected while Homeschooling, Part 3


Connecting with Homeschool Families

Are there moments or days that you wonder if you have made the right choice? Do fears ever creep in or selfishness rise up and cause you to want to give in? As homeschooling moms, we have all been there! This is why you need to have like-minded people around you for encouragement, help, and insight. I cannot overstate how crucial it is to have homeschool connections. You cannot walk the road alone. You will burn out, get overwhelmed, and decide to quit far too easily.

Homeschool Connections Offer Encouragement When Doubts and Fears Set in

Throughout my homeschooling career, I have had many doubts and fears. Days can be hard! I sometimes wonder if I am equipped to handle it all. And yet, deep inside I know that God has called me to homeschool. So I must surrender my fears, set aside my selfish desires, and walk in faith with my God. And each time I do, He meets me right where I am at and whispers His truths to me.

Overcoming fears is not easy though when trying to do it alone. You need like-minded people around you to encourage and help you. Making homeschool connections can be life-giving during these moments.

Sometimes just knowing that others face similar struggles, can bring a peace that you are not alone. And, women who have walked the road before you can shed light on a struggle that you face. Walking the journey with fellow believers offers so many benefits as well as fun!

The Benefits of Homeschool Connections Beyond Encouragement

In addition to encouragement for overcoming doubts and fears, homeschool connections provide a lifeline to you including support, friendships, and mentoring.

  • Support. Being a part of a local homeschool support network is invaluable. Meeting with other moms provides:
    • refreshment
    • confidence
    • reminders of God’s grace and sovereignty in our homeschools
    • laughter shared over similar struggles
    • insight and wisdom from those who are farther down the road
    • curriculum ideas
    • prayer
    • and sometimes free educational resources!Homeschool connections for moms
  • Friendships, for both you and your kids. Making friends at church and other extracurricular activities is wonderful and not to be overlooked. However, when you have friendships with others who are homeschooling, they can truly understand your daily struggles and joys. Moreover, you have people you can share life with day in and day out throughout the year. And you have friends who have similar schedules which is always a bonus!
  • Mentors. Through your homeschool connections, you will find people who you can trust, look up to, and learn so much from. If you are intentional about your time you can gain insights in relating to your husband, discipling your kids, growing spiritually, handling difficult learners, or simply getting the laundry done! Sometimes they can be formal mentorships, but other times they might be just informal conversations in which you learn so much. Who do you know who could be a mentor to you?

Homeschool Connections Provide A Learning Community

Not only do homeschool connections offer encouragement and a lifeline, but they also create a learning community. This community is seen in two main categories:

  1. Co-ops and field trips. Meeting other homeschool families provides opportunities to learn in a group environment. These groups can make learning so much richer and more fun. Plus, they provide your kids with an opportunity to learn from other moms and show respect for kids who are different ages and backgrounds. Not to mention the benefit that moms get to share the role of teaching! Additionally, organizing field trips with other local homeschoolers is also so much more fun than doing them on your own!homeschool connections through field trips
  2. Mid-week park dates. Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with other families for a park day? They are a great way for kids to meet other homeschooled kids to develop friendships. And, they are another opportunity for moms to have a moment to chat, find encouragement, or just sip coffee together!

Where to Find Local Homeschool Connections

Finding homeschool connections is so vital to your teaching and well-being. If you are not yet connected to other homeschool families in your area, find a local group here! Sometimes close connections don’t happen overnight. But, as you pray, God will provide the families in His perfect timing. If you need help starting a co-op in your area, click here for some great tips.

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    I agree that this has been a huge encouragement for me. Being new to homeschooling, finding other families to walk this journey with me has been vital!

    • Reply Katie at

      So glad you have found a community for encouragement! It truly is a blessing and so important!

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