Six Flags Read to Succeed Program – A Complete Guide for Homeschoolers


Your kids are begging you to go to Six Flags. All of their friends’ families have gone and had so much fun. Reality is that you have yet to visit any theme park. Your heart breaks. And yet you know it’s simply not doable for now. Your mind begins to spin as you silently calculate your answer. Your family typically enjoys good old-fashioned simple fun, but you cringe at the thought of denying once again. “No”  is starting to feel like the norm these days. And a day at a theme park would sure be a fun and memorable break for everyone.

Take heart! Let me introduce to you the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program. There just may be a way for your family to visit a Six Flags theme park…for a fraction of the cost and encourage your kids to read!


How the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program Works

  • Register in October for all students K-6th grade (homeschoolers are included!) by filling out simple profile information. Then, list the names of your children who are participating and choose which Six Flags theme park is closest to you (they have 11 parks located throughout the US).
  • Print out a reading log for your kids (in the Teacher ToolBox tab). Every time they read a book other than one that is required for school, your kids can write it down. Magazines, books, and newspapers all count towards their reading time. If your kids are new to reading, even reading aloud to them (outside of school time) can be included.
  • Submit your students’ hours. Once each child completes 6 hours of free reading, log back into your account and mark completed. All teachers must go online to submit the hours before the deadline (usually around March 1).


Once each student completes the minimum of 6 hours of free reading, they earn one FREE ticket to Six Flags.

Six Flags will email you each ticket voucher that you must bring with you when you go to the park. Some dates may be blacked out, so check those before you go.

For complete rules and requirements for the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program, click here.


Additional Information, Tips, and Fine Print

Six Flags unfortunately no longer offers a free ticket for homeschool teachers. In order for a teacher to get a free ticket, she must have a minimum of 8 students in her class who participate.

If you can’t afford to buy a ticket for two adults, look up Six Flag Homeschool Days in your state. It may just be that you can coordinate your free tickets with a homeschool discount day. Also, you might consider this as an opportunity for dad to bond with the kids during the summer…and give you a bit of a break! Or, if dad is busy working, make a memorable day for you and the kids. Bringing along another family for a fun day at the park together is a great idea too.

Other ideas are to make the day a birthday celebration (even for non-summer birthdays) for your kids and use the money you would have put towards a birthday party to buy tickets for mom and dad!

Keep in mind you will have to pay for parking. Some parks allow you to bring in your own food and water, so check their policy before you go.

If you already have an avid reader, you may want to up the ante a bit. Six hours is not a whole lot of free reading time when you consider that it’s over a 5-month period. Feel free to increase the minimum hours to something more appropriate and challenging. Kids love a competition!

Don’t forget to set a reminder on your calendar to submit the entry as completed. Last year I waited too long and the entry deadline had passed. Sigh…not a fun realization for mom.

Family Fun and Reading Incentive

The Six Flags Read to Succeed Program is a wonderful opportunity for homeschoolers. You may just find that your new reader is now encouraged more than ever to grab a book in his free time. Hopefully, it will spark a love for reading that continues for life (and may not have been realized otherwise!).

I know all too often I find myself saying “No” to my kids for fun things. It is nice to finally have an opportunity to be able to say “Yes” and have them earn their reward. Thank you Six Flags!

Visit to register!

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