Healthy and Easy Dinner Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

Healthy and Easy Dinner Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

You’ve rushed around all day. Teaching, errands, taking your kids to practice or a playdate. You’re squeezed for time and yet want to get something healthy on the table for dinner. You’re tired of the same old meals you make week in and week out. Yet finding nutritious meals that your kids actually eat feels monumental. Take heart –  these healthy and easy dinner recipes your family will love. And they will take the guesswork out of what’s for dinner. 

Healthy…Yet Loved by Everyone?

As a mom, feeding your family quality, wholesome food is important to you. And yet, you don’t want to hear the dreaded, “aw, not THAT again, mom!” Every time you try a new recipe, it seems someone in the family grunts and groans over it. Not quite the response that inspires creativity!

How do I know your whole family will love these recipes? Because the varied pallets in my family do – and that is a huge feat. I have one very particular eater who graces my table!

I hope these recipes make dinner a breeze and leave your family happily nourished. Don’t forget to include your kids in making these recipes – they will have fun and learn while cooking! Plus, when kids help prepare dinner, they are much more prone to enjoy the meal 🙂


6 Healthy and Easy Dinner Recipes

All of these recipes make great leftovers too (if you are lucky enough to have any!).  They are easy to pack for your husband’s lunch to warm up on the go, and they make delicious, warm, and quick lunches to enjoy the next day. A double win!

Do you have a favorite go-to healthy and easy dinner recipe your family loves? Please share it in the comments below!

Bon appetit!

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  • Reply JJ at

    I am always challenged with dinner and i really want to try the Lemon Broccoli Pasta! I use the crockpot a lot but it does get too repetitive.

    • Reply Katie at

      Hi JJ, I think you will love the lemon broccoli pasta – it’s my son’s favorite and it’s super easy and quick! Let me know what you think when you try it. Happy cooking! Katie

  • Reply Brent at

    All those recipes look awesome!! Yes, it is hard nowadays to eat well unless you make the food from home. It is pretty much recommended. Great post.

    • Reply Katie at

      Thank you! Keep checking back as I will be posting more!

  • Reply MarieAnne, Linda Cooke at

    i love the idea of packing a lunch like that for the hubby. Then I can be sure he is eating healthy, as long as he eats it. lol. You have some great recipes I will copy. Nice thank you.
    Home schooling is hard too. You are a very busy mom.

    • Reply Katie at

      Thank you! Keep checking back as I will post more!

  • Reply Kayla at

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of preparing these healthy meals. Not only do I need to prepare healthy meals for my husband and myself, but I also have to prepare healthy things that my toddler will eat. If you have any kid recipes that would be awesome! My healthy go-to is baking and cutting up sweet potatoes. They are packed with healthy stuff 🙂 and my fam loves them.

    • Reply Katie at

      Yes, toddlers can be tricky. I think just cutting up into small bites what you are having is easiest. You could do steamed carrots, small pieces of broccoli, chicken, pasta, peas, berries, etc. Keep checking back as I will be posting more recipes too!

  • Reply Tony W at

    The Lentil Rice Casserole sounds good but the link is not working for me. Please check it out because I would really like the recipe. I will check back later 😉

    • Reply Katie at

      It should work – check it out again! We just had it last night, yum!

  • Reply Chadd at

    Hey there.
    I like the idea of taking a healthy meal to work.
    I’m always buying takeaway on the way to work and it’s expensive and not great for my health.
    I think I will bookmark your page and see if I can cook some of these meals. Thanks.

    • Reply admin at

      Yes, eating out at work can add up financially and is definitely not the healthiest route! I hope these recipes will inspire you to pack your meals on the go! Once in the habit, I think you’ll realize it’s easier than you think!

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