Easter Resurrection Eggs: Make Yours Today!


If you are looking for a great way to celebrate Easter this year and make it memorable for your young kids, consider making Easter Resurrection eggs! Do it with a group or just your family. Invite teens to join in to help the younger ones and get everyone involved.

Simple Supplies for Easter Resurrection Eggs

  • 12 Plastic Easter eggs numbered 1-12 on the outside, we used a black sharpie
  • Bible verses (see below) printed and cut into small strips of paper
  • A small object (see below) to represent each verse, or an image printed on card stock
  • Empty egg carton or paper bag to hold the finished product

Contents of Each EggEaster-cross

  1. Palm branch (we used a simple leaf) to represent Jesus’ triumphal entry on Palm Sunday – Matthew 21:8-9
  2. Bread (small wafer) to represent the Last Supper when Jesus broke bread with His disciples – Matthew 26:26
  3. Coins (pennies) to represent Judas’ betrayal of Jesus – Matthew 26:14-15
  4. Scourge (piece of twine or string) to represent Jesus being beaten with the whip – Mark 15:15
  5. Purple cloth to represent the clothes they dressed Jesus in – Mark 15:17
  6. Thorns to represent the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head – Matthew 27:29
  7. Cross to represent Jesus carrying His own cross to be crucified – John 19:17
  8. Nails to represent the soldiers nailing Jesus to the cross – John 19:18
  9. Sponge (cut into a small piece) to represent Jesus being fed sour wine from a sponge – Matthew 27:48
  10. Spear/sword (small, plastic spear or toothpick works well) to represent the soldier stabbing Jesus in His side with a spear – John 19:33-34
  11. Rock to represent the large stone placed in front of Jesus’ tomb – Matthew 27:59-60
  12. This egg is empty to represent the empty tomb and that God had raised Jesus to life! – Matthew 28:6

Once your eggs are filled, have the kids take turns reading the verses to share the complete Easter story. Don’t forget to hide the eggs for a fun hunt! And finish your time with something yummy to eat. Kids always enjoy a special treat when making memories. 🙂

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If you aren’t feeling crafty, or are pressed for time, you can always purchase your own Resurrection Eggs and still enjoy a memorable moment together as you discuss the events of the Easter story. Send your kids on a hunt to lead them to the real gift of Easter!

For 12 creative ideas on ways to use your Resurrection eggs throughout the Easter season, check out this post by FamilyLife.


May the risen Christ fill your hearts each day with hope and peace. Let us never forget what Jesus did for us that Good Friday almost 2000 years ago. I pray the love of the cross encourages us as we disciple, teach, and lead our kids today.

Happy Easter to you sweet friends!

Take heart,

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