5 Reliable Ways to Make Money While Homeschooling

Ways to Make Money Homeschooling

You know you are called to homeschool. Yet financially speaking, you wonder how you can survive on one income. Your heart races at the thought of it. Doubts from the enemy invade your mind. You realize that your “calling” is stretching your faith.  You need practical ways to help bring in some money. Take heart. I have researched this very topic and discovered 5 avenues to making money while homeschooling. And they can work for a variety of personalities and situations.

You cherish your time discipling and educating your kids, and you’re thankful you can be available to meet many of their individual needs. And while you trust God to faithfully provide, sometimes it is helpful to just have a little extra money to help make ends meet. Situations arise like a husband going back to school, the loss of a job or perhaps a temporary but unexpected expense crosses your path.

Whatever the reason is, you believe God is still calling you to homeschool, but you also know your needs. I have been there. I am there. I get it.

Though scams are out there, with caution you can find some gems. Here, I will share with you some of the helpful treasures that have blessed our family immensely as well as options that have worked for some of my close friends.

Avenue #1 – Dog Sitting

Do you enjoy dogs but don’t want the expense that can come with them? Or are you considering getting a dog eventually but would like learn what breed will best fit your family? We have been dog sitting for over a year through an online company and have loved it!!
dog sitting

The company we work with is called Rover.com.We have enjoyed hosting a variety of friendly furry buddies. It’s like being an aunt – you don’t have to do any training or pay their expenses, you just get to love on them, and you get paid to do it! And think of the bonus of your kids learning the responsibility of pet care.

How Rover Works

You post a profile on Rover’s website. Decide which types of dogs and how many you will watch, when you are available, and what types of services you would like to offer:

  • dog walking
  • overnight dog sitting
  • home check in on dogs, or
  • dog daycare

They have a system in which you get to decide if a dog is a good fit for your family or not. Amazingly, 80% of the fee you get to keep and the other percent goes towards marketing you and insurance. I love that Rover covers the insurance for both you and your client if something were to happen.

We have loved watching and caring for dogs of all sizes and breeds. And the owners love that we homeschool and are home with their dogs during the day. It has been a win-win for my kids who love playing with dogs during school breaks.

If you’d like to learn more about the great company we work with visit Rover.com.

Avenue #2 – Writing/Blogging

Another blessing to our family has been my blogging.  Writing is an opportunity to share ideas that you are passionate about with the goal of being helpful to others.

In this 21st century with more than 3 billion people on the internet, websites and online businesses are the directions that companies are going. You can run a business from the comfort of home and there is little to no overhead.

My Story

I never thought that I had anything to share that others would want to read, let alone that I could start a blog or website. In the Fall of 2016, a homeschooling friend of mine shared that she started a website aimed at encouraging women to have courage and walk in faith. While I thought that was great for her, it didn’t sound like me, and I wasn’t sure we had what might be needed to start a website.

Over the next few months, God began to nudge my heart about starting a website for homeschoolers. In my search, I ran across an amazing opportunity with Wealthy Affiliates. Kyle and Carson are the owners and they walked me through every step of creating a website and broke it down into little manageable chunks via online videos that could be conveniently viewed in my spare time.

About Wealthy Affiliates

The best part is you can join entirely for free! There are two options, one in which you can create a free website and one in which you can pay a small monthly or annual fee to get a few more benefits. Wealthy Affiliates offers a terrific online community that is designed to help you at every step on your writing journey with help that is available 24/7. They even help you find your audience and teach you how to make money while providing resources and help to your audience. The greatest benefit for me is that I can work at my convenience and from anywhere.

The Benefits of Using Wealthy Affiliates:

  • Great, easy-to-follow step-by-step teaching
  • Live chat and help from other members instantly available
  • Top-notch secure hosting platform
  • Keyword tools
  • Technical support
  • And much more!

I never thought I would have so much fun writing or creating my own business. And never did I think I could do something like that all while homeschooling. But God is so creative. And I get to do it all from my kitchen table!

Why not just check out Wealthy Affiliates? You never know what you could create that will bless others (and your family!) in the years to come.

What message has God given you? There are no limits to how He can help you share that message for the good of others!

Avenue #3 – Employment from Home

Another great option is working from home. A friend of mine just went back to her old job which is in sales.  She hires a tutor a couple days a week when she has meetings, but she oversees her daughter’s education and is able to teach most of it. It’s a great situation for her family and helps financially.

Or, if you currently have a job in which you are the boss, you most likely can keep it. Homeschooling offers much flexibility in which you can work around varying schedules. I know a friend who is a real estate broker who works in the evenings and takes her kids with her to appointments. She owns her business so she can usually set up meetings around her school schedule. And her kids get to learn about her job at the same time.

If you are able to work from home under an employer, do it! It may be a season that is quite full, but it may be God’s provision for your family that allows you to fulfill your calling of homeschooling. And, it may only be a season, so take heart!

Avenue #4 – Flexible, Part-time Job

Other moms may find weekend or evening jobs when their husbands are home. If your husband, grandparent, or a friend is willing to watch your kids while you are gone, part-time jobs out of the home could be just what your family (and you) needs.

Just be mindful of how this could impact your marriage or family. If you and your husband are becoming like two ships passing in the night, you may need to consider bringing your ship back into the harbor and reassessing.

In addition, I know some moms who team teach with another working mom. One mom may work early mornings and her friend works afternoons. They swap teaching when each is home. If you have this setup, it can be ideal, especially for single moms. While this may be challenging to find, I encourage you to take heart, pray, seek, and watch the Lord may do.

With this option, weighing the costs and benefits is particularly necessary because being away from the home might add extra stress to you and your family. Consider too, that often added expenses are needed for meals, gas, and a clothing budget. This is one of those decisions that need a lot of prayer.

Avenue #5 – Home-Based MLM Business

I know many moms who run their own small businesses, usually selling or hosting parties for something that they love. There are a variety of different products that use multi-level marketing and offer nice incentives to their consultants. These jobs can be great for homeschooling moms and can provide much-needed adult conversation as well!

Do you enjoy sharing the products you use and love? If so, a home-based MLM business could be a fun outlet for you and a way to bring in some money while doing what you enjoy. They also are flexible businesses that you can start from home and work around your school schedule.

These jobs may cause you to step out of your comfort zone a bit. But God can use that too. And you never know what you may learn as you step out in faith – both about the product and about yourself!

Final Thoughts

I hope at least one of these 5 avenues to making money while homeschooling has sparked an interest in you. Know that if God called you to homeschool, He will provide a way for your family to afford it.

If you need some ideas on how to homeschool on a tight budget you will want to check out these articles:

I’d love to hear from you! What are some ways you have been able to make money while homeschooling? Share in the comments below!

Take heart!

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  • Reply Nikki at

    I have just started working for a company called VIPKID! It’s an online tutoring venue based in China. I essentially teach Chinese students English. The hours are flexible and allow me to teach before my kids wake up. Though the early mornings have taken some adjustment, the extra income is helpful.

    • Reply Katie at

      Love this, thank you for sharing! Do you have to have a teaching credential to qualify? I love hearing creative ways that God uses to provide for His people!

  • Reply JJ at

    Great ideas!! Love them all.

    • Reply Katie at

      So glad you enjoyed them! There are so many creative ways to earn money so that we can do what we feel called to do!

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